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    About Family, Schools, and Neighborhood Engagement

    Family, School, and Neighborhood Engagement, an initiative of the new IUPUI Office of Community Engagement, uses a multi-sector approach working with community partners and campus resources within the urban core to support quality of life through capacity development, education, health, and research.

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    Diversity at IUPUI

    As a part of the Martindale Brightwood partnership with IUPUI, the newly established Center for Family, School, and Neighborhood Engagement makes moving up easier through a program for the parents of Indianapolis Public School 69 Students. Read more here.

    About CLN
  • Family, School, and Neighborhood Engagement

    Learning where you are...

    Family, School, and Neighborhood Engagement transforms lifelong learning, raises educational achievement and embraces diversity by offering programs of study at times and places convenient for Central Indiana residents

    FSNE utilizes facilities in surrounding areas to offer a variety of educational classes to assist learners in earning the education they desire.

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    Learning where you are...

    We take pride in finding locations throughout the Indianapolis community that are in YOUR backyard. Whether that is on campus, at the IUPUI Learning Centers, area high schools, or at community centers, we offer a variety of continuing education, certificate programs, and college classes to assist YOU in earning the education you want and deserve.

  • P-20

    Prenatal to Post-Secondary Education

    IUPUI supports the Central Indiana Education Alliance, a P-20 initiative that links agencies to form a continuum from pre-natal, early childhood, middle/high school to post-secondary education. Representatives from over 80 agencies work together to assure that every child is prepared for school, ensured of academic success, supported outside school, assured of high school graduation, and is ready to enter college.

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