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    About the Community Learning Network

    The Community Learning Network (CLN) provides administrative leadership and support for campus programs attentive to adult, non-traditional age student degree completion and lifelong learning. For more about CLN, click here.

    About CLN
  • Continuing Education
    Course Offerings

    Interesting classes in a wide variety of categories!

    Check out our course offerings to view and sign up for our various courses.

  • Community Outreach Programs

    Learning where you are...

    The Community Learning Network transforms lifelong learning, raises educational achievement and embraces diversity by offering programs of study at times and places convenient for Central Indiana residents

    CLN utilizes facilities in surrounding areas to offer a variety of educational classes to assist learners in earning the education they desire.

  • Learning Centers

    Learning where you are...

    We take pride in finding locations throughout the Indianapolis community that are in YOUR backyard. Whether that is on campus, at the IUPUI Learning Centers, area high schools, or at community centers, CLN offers a variety of continuing education, certificate programs, and college classes to assist YOU in earning the education you want and deserve.

  • Alumni & Donors

    Giving back...

    Noncredit Certificate Program graduates, remember how you wanted to "Achieve that Goal"? The opportunities to meet the needs of learners are endless. You can make a difference and help other learners in Central Indiana "Achieve that Goal". You can find many different ways to give back here.

    Adult Students